Born to create filtering systems for liquids and gases present on plants or machinery, studying them down to the detail, also useful for the individual citizen. New generation filtration techniques have been developed with ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
All this thanks to the commitment that this company makes to its large or small customers. Specific details are created with various needs born first as “filter systems” but also develop in sectors where filtration is not the basis such as the lighting or furniture sector.

Our products are distributed in various industrial sectors such as agriculture, chemicals and hydraulics. We also collaborate with companies that apply nets and sheets in combination with the molding of plastic materials. They are performed with various filtering capacities, with high filtration and mechanical sealing capacity.

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La nova Filtri is pleased to be able to show you some of the products in production today, reminding you that our main commitment is to satisfy your needs, creating over time a collaboration relationship that we believe is the basis of our results.

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